I’ve had the honor all this week of guest blogging on the American Prospect TAPPED blog. Proud to contribute to their excellent legacy of progressive thought and analysis.

Here are links to all my posts:

Violence Helping Chris Brown’s Career?… “when we give abusers like Brown and Sheen obscene media attention while downplaying their atrocities, we just create role models for the little abusers of the future who will perpetuate violence against women.”

Stephen Lerner vs. the Real Economic Terrorists of Wall St.… “for the vast majority of working Americans struggling to pay their bills, in or on the brink of foreclosure, sacked with astronomical credit card debt and interest payments, stifled by student loans and the rising cost of education — Lerner’s plan is a beacon of hope. Disrupt corporations and the economy as it currently functions to make it work for working people!”

McCain, Liberman and Gadhafi Walk Into a Bar… … “One has to wonder if McCain and Lieberman were thinking about “what is best for the world as a whole” when they were patting Gadhafi on the back.”

Republicans Hate Obama … “It’s time for President Obama to stop worrying if Republicans like him. In fact, it’s time for him to stop worrying about being liked, period. His pattern of trying to be all things to all parties has led to policies and actions that, while they look bipartisan on paper, ultimately end up pissing off both his base and the opposition. Give up the ghost, dude!”

U.S. Isn’t Broke: Ask Gadhafi & Raymond Davis … “We have plenty of money to bailout Raymond Davis and bomb Gadhafi. In fact, ask America’s big-business executives, and they’ll tell you the only spending problem our government has is that it’s not spending enough money on them.”

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