Dear Karl,

I have finally decided to stop yelling at my computer screen and, instead, respond to your column.  This is not the first of your columns that I felt to be in dire need of correction — however, going forward, I can promise it won’t be the last to which I directly respond.
Despite your wishful thinking to the contrary, Barack Obama is NOT likely to lose the 2012 election.  You’re right, his numbers aren’t great because, duh, the economy that George W. Bush spent eight years ruining is taking more than a few years to clean up.  Still, while you point out Obama’s less-than-glowing but still not that bad approval ratings, you fail to note the ridiculously dismal approval ratings for Republicans in Congress.  In fact, Congressional approval ratings have dipped to an all-time low of 9%.  Compared to that, the President looks like Mr. Popular, no?  
In other words, yes, Americans are unhappy about the economy — as they should be — but they are not blaming the President remotely as much as they are blaming Congress, especially Republicans, nor greedy CEOs on Wall Street.  
In other words, spin it however you like but the Republicans do NOT look likely to win in 2012 — not only because they don’t have a credible candidate in the race but because the President, in very unpopular political and economic times, is still much more popular than the Republicans or their agenda.
Better luck next time with the one-sided analysis.