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Unemployment Rate Edges Up to 9.2% story
Wall Street profits and CEO bonuses are at record highs this year.  But unemployment continues to plague middle class Americans.  Oooooh, I know — let’s give the rich people more tax breaks!  ‘Cuz that already worked well so far…

White House Headed For Grand Concession On Debt? story
Republicans ran up the deficit and now don’t want to pay for it, instead using the crisis they manufactured as a fig leaf excuse for their long-held agenda to destroy government.  Despite trying to wrap themselves in the Constitution, Tea Party Republicans are tearing our Constitution and founding principles to shreds.

Texas, Gov. Perry Execute Mexican National story
Voters got a sneak peak at what Rick Perry would be like as president.  Perry refused to talk to the Mexican ambassador on the phone.  He can execute a potentially innocent man but cannot execute basic diplomacy.

Final Space Shuttle Potentially To Launch If Weather Permits story
For the record, conservatives in Congress oppose spending cuts for the space shuttle program and favor cuts to heating oil assistance and food stamps for struggling families.  Launch or no launch, that’s quite a spectacle.

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