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Debt Talks Display Crumbling Of Democratic Liberalism
Raising the debt ceiling has absolutely nothing to do with future spending.  In fact, in a sputtering economy where the private sector is sitting on record profits and capital reserves but not creating jobs, government spending that creates jobs rebuilding infrastructure and educating the next generation is the solution, not the problem.  That Democrats are helping kill government investment, instead of defending it, is a nod to the long-term victory of conservative ideology over liberalism.

Obama Should Call Republicans’ Bluff story
If Republicans refuse to raise taxes even modestly on the couple hundred Americans who are faring damn well in this economy, Obama should call their bluff and use his Constitutional power to honor our nation’s debts anyway — and impeaching the Republican leadership for violating their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

Jobs vs. Profits: Cisco Considering Layoffs To Boost Earnings story
These are the CEOs who need more tax breaks!  Conservatives heralding the allegedly-free market as the fabled savior of both millionaires and working stiffs should take note that big business, left to its own devices, will very often chose profits over people.  But hey, I’m sure that with real unemployment at 20%, those Cisco employees will have no problem finding new jobs — maybe making parts for corporate jets?

Certainty, Schmertainty: Immelt & Chamber Call For Debt Deal story
What is it with these wussy big business execs?  Once upon a time, being an entrepreneur meant taking risks in an uncertain market environment — hoping that your gamble would pay off.  Now, Wall Street constantly whines about how the government they want off their backs is, in fact, supposed to create certainty for them.  Does that “certainty” come with a pacifier and blanky?
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