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McConnell Proposes Stupid Deal, Says “I Refuse To Help Obama Get Re-Elected” - story
Apparently, Republicans can’t put our economic best interest ahead of petty politics.  And so we’re all going to hell in Mitch McConnell’s handbasket.

Republicans Whimper About Democrats’ “Scare Tactics”story
It’s pretty hard to try and claim the high road when your party rolled out Willie Horton, WMDs and death panels.  Just sayin’…

Michelle Obama Eats A Burger is it even fair to call this a “story”
Newsflash:  The First Lady is a normal human being!  She’s never said don’t eat any junk food — just not only junk food — which is no different than George H.W. Bush advocating the food pyramid and the Presidential Fitness Council, headed by Arnold Schwarzeneggers.  Yet somehow, conservatives who want to tell Americans when they can and cannot start a family think nutrition programs are an intrusion!?!

Is Michele Bachmann Running To Be President Of Crazy? story
Perhaps staff at her husband’s taxpayer subsidized anti-gay clinic should be praying for Michele Bachmann’s mental faculties instead.  Michele Bachmann’s a job creator alright — for psychiatrists!