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Rick “The Pot” Perry Calls Kettle Black story
A guy who has flirted with secession has no place calling the Federal Reserve, or anyone else for that matter, treasonous for saving America’s economy.

Wisconsin Recall Election Todaystory
In the Badger State, working people are tired of being badgered by Republican demagogues taking from the middle class and giving to the rich. Regardless of the outcome in the recall elections, there’s no question the anti-worker policies of Republicans nationwide have fired up the electorate, making 2012 a very tough year for the GOP.

Congressional Approval Rating at Historic Lowstory
Enough talk about Obama’s approval rating. He looks like Mr. Popularity compared with Congress. Commentators need to spend a bit more time talking about Congressional approval ratings — especially the heinously low approval of Republicans in Congress.

Obama Really Shifting Tone This Time?story
I’d love to see Obama shift to aggressively fighting for jobs and the middle class and calling out the GOP for their pro-super rich elitist agenda. But if you claim to “pivot” every week, those pivots look less and less pivotal.

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