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Austerity #Failstory
Gutting federal spending is only worsening the economic crisis in the US and Europe. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing but expecting different results. We need government stimulus as the spender of last resort.

Obama Needs To Learn How To Lose
In a column in the Chicago Tribune today, Fareed Zakaria suggests Obama should focus on non-government spending driven initiatives to create jobs, programs that can actually pass Congress not “ones that sound good on TV.” But Obama has been too focused from the start on what can actually pass, thereby putting forward tepid and ultimately ineffective proposals. It’s time to lay out a bold plan — the right plan that will turn the economy around. If the plan fails because of Republicans, Obama should turn that loss into political points with the American public.

Allen West, Disasterstory
Florida Congressman and Tea Party beloved Allen West said that black Democrats are slaves and he is their liberator Harriet Tubman. In other f*cked up revisionism, David Duke is Abraham Lincoln and Phyllis Schlafly is Betty Friedan.

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