Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell isn’t the smartest witch in the coven.  But apparently, even she was wise enough to know that bloviating against same-sex marriage on primetime television wouldn’t win her any fans.

My copy of O’Donnell’s book hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m sure looking forward to it.  Meanwhile, though, I’ll trust sources that say she writes about her opposition to gay marriage in the book.  But undoubtedly, in the jurassic book publishing world, she wrote those words at least a year ago.  To paraphrase the ol’ saying, change is slow except when it’s fast.  The tide on marriage equality has changed quickly over the last year — almost as quickly, I’d say, as the tide of public opinion has shifted against the Tea Party.  Could it be that O’Donnell, who now wants to sell books not win office, is smarter than we think — realizing that if she aims for mainstream appeal, she’ll have to stop spouting such fringe viewpoints?

Perhaps.  Though since most of mainstream America, including us gays, can actually read, O’Donnell’s true feelings on the matter aren’t likely to stay hidden….

Meanwhile, the interview below is an interesting microcosm of the evolving ideological opportunism of the Right — sensing that, at least for voters outside of Iowa, social conservativism is out and fiscal conservativism is in. But while Americans may be dumb enough to buy Christine O’Donnell’s book (I already bought mine!) we’re not dumb enough to buy the wolves of Bible thumping, moralizing yesterday disguised as anti-government sheep today.

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