Obama caves again. Extraordinary rendition was extraordinarily expensive. AT&T doesn’t get what it pays for. And the insane website o’ the day: Big Labor vs. Taxpayer Index. If you want to receive my adVantage Points every weekday morning in your inbox, email info@movementvision.org

Obama Yields To Republicans, Changes Date For Jobs Addressstory
Progressives across the country let out a heavy sigh. “Can’t you even stand up to them on this?”

Conservative SuperPAC Launches “Big Labor vs. Taxpayers” Indexstory
In an attempt to further vilify the idea of workers joining together to demand their basic rights, Crossroads GPS has created a website based on the false dichotomy that, for instance, states that protect collective bargaining rights are somehow unfriendly to taxpayers. (h/t Mike Allen) I’m looking forward to the more reality-based counterpoint, “Big Business vs. Taxpayers” in which we realize that every damn state in the union is coddling corporate America and screwing the middle class.

Speaking Of Big Business vs. Taxpayers…letter
Politico reports that AT&T spent $11.7 million dollars in the first half of 2011 alone lobbying the DOJ and FCC to approve its merger with T-Mobile. Hey, score one for anti-trust laws and the public interest for once (potentially) winning out over big business muscle!

Details of Extraordinary Rendition Revealedstory
It’s bad enough the Bush Administration shipped terrorism suspects oversees so they could torture them beyond the reach of U.S. law. Now court documents show that $300,000 was spent on flying one suspect across the globe! And Republicans complain about Michelle Obama’s travel budget?!?

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