I have received some nasty responses to my piece pointing out that some libertarians would rather destroy government and live without it than improve it.  

Some of you took to Twitter to call me, for instance, a “delusional narcissistic left-wing idiot” and stupid.  Thanks for those clever retorts!  
As far as I can tell, you object to (a) my rhetoric, such as calling libertarians un-patriotic and (b) some of the conclusions I imply, such as that libertarians might ease restrictions on murder on their floating island lawless nations.  Let’s deal with each of these critiques in turn.
First, I am entitled to the belief that adherents of a political ideology who want not just to adapt aspects of the Constitutions and our government but throw whole swaths of our founding vision out the window are dangerously walking an un-patriotic line.  I mean, jeez, Rick Perry could call Ben Bernacke “treasonous” for using basic monetary policy to stimulate the economy — and I can’t throw a significantly less-pointed barb at libertarians who assert that politicians, including America’s founders, who levy taxes are violating the Constitution.  
In other words, stating that these and certain other libertarian beliefs are un-American is not a mischaracterization but an accurate reflection of an ideology that blatantly mischaracterizes America’s founding principles and documents.
Second, I was quoting Patri Friedman who said that the advantage to his “seasteading” libertarian islands is that they are “free from moral suasion”.  His words, not mine. 
What’s more, the Libertarian Party celebrates the notion of an “armed citizenry”, abhors any restrictions on even the most dangerous of weapons, and opposes any prosecution of those engaged in “self-defense”, which is defined as including any property, etc., and not just defending one’s or another’s life.  For many people — myself included — these notions are tantamount to vigilanteism, endorsing a Wild West mentality in which might is right.  Many of us, including our Founders, created a nation precisely so people wouldn’t take the law — including murder — into their own hands but so we could guarantee fairness and due process to all and protect the liberty of all people, especially those who are most vulnerable.   Again, if you have a problem with my characterization, please look more carefully at the ideas I am characterizing and how they unsettle the hearts and minds of most Americans.
I’m particularly struck that by one tweet I received, echoing the sentiments of Ron Paul and others, that Obama is a “corporatist”.  I agree — but find the assertion disingenuous coming from those who want to privatize every aspect of our common good and hand it over to big business.  Not to mention the idea of multi-millionaire Libertarians funding off-shore corporate nations beyond the reach of government doesn’t exactly strike anyone as mom-and-pop Main Street entrepreneurship.  
Face it, if you don’t like the way the libertarian ideas comes off in pieces like mine, perhaps it’s time you do a little ideological soul searching.
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