The incredible and admirable Karoli wrote a piece about my first official appearance as a Fox News contributor yesterday for the homepage of the blog Crooks & Liars. Here’s an excerpt:

I want to note that I found it interesting that Fox News has brought on someone who isn’t a liberal in name only as a contributor. Kohn’s background is not the usual Fox News centrist Conservadem fare: she’s got ties to the OWS movement, she has strong organizing credentials, and she’s decidedly liberal. Does this mean Fox News is responding to their tanking ratings, or trying to bring someone on they think the conservatives can score points on? If the latter, they may be surprised. Kohn definitely held her own in the segment and gently, but firmly, made her points.

She continues:

It was refreshing to have someone representing the liberal side of things who was well-spoken, assertive, and made her points clearly. I’ll be interested to see if Fox News brings her on more often for some extra fairness and balance. Go Sally, go!

Karoli also offers some color commentary on this clip from yesterday, when my contributor-ship was announced:

You can read the full piece here.

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