My intent on writing the piece in the Daily Beast was to focus on why, especially nationally, the massive groundswell that captivated and consumed progressive attention isn’t quite comparable to energy on the recall today.

Of course, I know the significant ground campaign activists are pouring their hearts and souls into across Wisconsin today, but editing is a beast and the volumes I wished to write about the great mobilization that is happening on the ground ended up nixed.

That said, even the most involved activists I spoke were fairly critical of flagging national attention — especially with respect to the Democratic Party, which virtually had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the fight. My goal in writing was not to handicap or hinder the Wisconsin fight but rather look at the long-term implications. While Republicans fundamentally grasp both the power of grassroots insurgencies and the importance of fighting at the state level to influence the national discourse, Democrats seem still sadly enamored with the top-down, centrist-driven strategy that has repeatedly failed.

Though it’s funny that, just as I was writing my piece, apparently Ann Coulter was writing a piece complaining that Republicans aren’t paying enough attention to the recall. But anyway…

I believe the people of Wisconsin will prevail on Tuesday and Scott Walker will be ousted from office, left to be nothing but a relic of the failed economic policies and Tea Party “divide and conquer” destruction he wrought on Wisconsin and came to represent for America. My heart is with every Barrett canvasser in every crevice of the state. And my hope is that justice will prevail not only Tuesday but beyond with the help, not the hindrance of the Democratic Party.

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