This evening, I joined guest host Laura Ingraham and fellow progressive Tara Dowdell to discuss the fall out from Todd Akin’s extremist anti-choice comments and the fact that the mainstream Republican Party has heartily embraced the ideas behind his remarks.

“They want to tell women who are raped that they have to have the baby of their rapist,” I say in the segment. “That’s not a war on rapists!”

And note the part where I call out Mitt Romney for flip flopping repeatedly on this issue — telling Mike Huckabee in October 2011 that Romney wishes there were no legalized abortions in America and supporting an extremist “personhood” amendment to the Constitution, and now walking back those statements and saying he supports exceptions for rape and incest. This after Romney, as a gubenatorial candidate, said he believes abortion should be safe and legal. He etch-a-sketched Huckabee, he etch-a-sketched Republican primary voters and now he’s trying to etch-a-sketch the American public. How can we ever know for sure what Romney thinks?

Here’s coverage of the segment on Fox News Insider and Mediaite.

What are your thoughts?

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