My latest column looks at what the Democrats pretty much didn’t do at their convention: Lie. Yes, all parties twist the truth. But Republicans and the Romney campaign have been distinguishing them by disregarding facts altogether. Here’s a clip:

Perhaps more important, while the Romney campaign has made clear it will “not let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers,” the Obama campaign has paid attention to feedback and corrected itself to hew to truth. As one example, since fact checkers like Politifact have said that saying Romney will “end Medicare as we know it” is accurate but just saying he will “end Medicare” is a misrepresentation, Bill Clinton used the more accurate version in his DNC remarks. The Obama campaign is trying to seriously outline the choice in this election with attention to facts, while the Romney campaign is one giant “talking point in search of facts” as Politifact once accused.

You can read my column here.

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