No video yet, folks. Stay tuned. But the awesome people at TED saw fit to interview me about my talk and published this on their blog. Here’s an excerpt:

How has working with people who have such politically different viewpoints from you changed the way you think?

I don’t think people who disagree with me are stupid — that’s the big the thing I’ve come to learn. They’re not stupid. They have real, genuine, authentic, understandable concerns and someone else connected with them first in explaining why those problems are the way they are. They’re not vindictive, they’re not mean — well, sure, some are — but by and large, not even close. When you actually do meet people face to face — whether it’s viewers who stop me on the street or some of the hosts or people I’ve been on with — you realize, “Wow, we all put each other in boxes. We do it on both sides.” You start to break through those boxes and see people as much more complex. It’s really just a metaphor for the fact that our problems are a lot more complex. Our disagreements are a lot more complex than we’re imagining they are right now.

Read the full interview here. There are some truly funny parts — and several touching ones, too.

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