In an essay for the Daily Beast, I comment on what Republicans (and some Democrats) in the Mississippi state legislature should be doing instead of restricting women’s rights and health:

Nationwide, only 1.5% of abortions happen after 20 weeks. Even more pertinent, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s only abortion services clinic, does not do abortions after 16 weeks. Bear in mind that the Mississippi legislature is only in session for 90 days each year—or basically one trimester. Yet Republican “leaders,” in their infinite moral and political wisdom, saw fit to prioritize “fixing” this non-existent “problem” in the state.

It’s not that Mississippi doesn’t have real problems that need solving. It is the poorest state in the nation. It has the worst ranked education system in the nation. It has one of the highest unemployment levels in the country. And it’s tied with Alabama for the worst infant mortality rate in the nation. Meanwhile nationwide, whereas far and way most voters think that jobs and the economy are the most pressing issue facing our nation and should be the focus of our legislators, moral or religious issues fall toward the bottom of the list. Voters want their elected leaders to be solving real and urgent issues rather than wasting precious time passing frivolous legislation to address fictional problems.

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