Despite 13 hearings, 25,000 pages of documents and 50 briefings, why are Republicans still so obsessed with Benghazi? And what are the facts surrounding the events — facts, by the way, conservatives keep ignoring? For CNN, I wrote this handy-dandy guide to the GOP arguments and analysis (or, often, lack thereof) on Benghazi. Here’s a spoiler from the ending:

“I take responsibility,” Clinton said four days after the Benghazi attacks, before Susan Rice ever said a word. “I do feel responsible,” Clinton reiterated at the hearings in January 2013. When things went wrong in Benghazi, the Obama administration took responsibility.

But when Republicans have the facts wrong on Benghazi, they don’t do the responsible thing and drop it. They keep pursuing their partisan witch hunt, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars desperate to smear Obama and 2016 presidential front-runner Clinton with anything that will stick.

The facts on Benghazi simply do not undercut the Obama administration, but that won’t stop Republicans from digging for mud.

You can read my full breakdown of the debate here.