For CNN, I offered my thoughts on the same-sex kiss that sparked some joy but, sadly, some backlash on ESPN when openly gay Michael Sam learned that he was drafted to the NFL. An excerpt:

When Michael Sam heard over the phone that he had been drafted to the NFL, he did what any other normal human being would do — he kissed his lover. But because Sam’s lover is another guy, some folks — including other football players — are upset. Mysteriously, men who dress up in tights and cuddle huddle together and routinely slap each other’s rear ends are uncomfortable with guy-on-guy affection. It’s 2014, people. A majority of Americans support gay rights and marriage equality. If two guys kissing can make hulking male athletes and sports fans feel so insecure about their own masculinity and heterosexuality, that’s not Sam’s problem.

I also write a bit about my own kissing experience!! Read my complete thoughts here.

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