Tax-Deductible Donations Appreciated!

You would think that being on television and in the media would automatically guarantee financial success. Turns out, not so much — especially when you spent the first 16 years of your career as a community organizer and are just beginning a second career in the media.

There’s a reason I’m the only community organizer from our field to become a full-time pundit. Even if you’re lucky enough to get paid for this work like I am, the small stipend for each appearance simply isn’t enough to pay the bills. Plus I spend countless hours coaching emerging grassroots leaders and progressive voices to amplify their public presence. This is the kind of work that benefits our entire movement — and our shared future. If you want to help make that work possible, I welcome your support.

The backwards economics of the media world is why most pundits come from high-paying political party jobs or corporate backgrounds. That’s why we need to change the equation and get more of our voices, our perspectives in the media.

This is where you come in!

The Movement Vision Lab is a fiscally sponsored project that supports the work I do behind-the-scenes to train grassroots organizations and leaders to be more visible and effective in the public sphere while helping project social justice issues and ideas into the media and other public spheres. Donations to the Movement Vision Lab go to support this training and media work.

So if you appreciate the work I do and want to see me keep doing it, the fact is that I rely on donations large and small from folks just like you. I’m like NPR without the annoying pledge drive. And the truth is I can’t do this work without your generous support.

My educational work via the Movement Vision Lab is fiscally sponsored by Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund, a 501(c)3 organization. You can learn more about Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund here. Clicking on the button below will bring you to a donation page via PayPal for you to make an online donation to me, via the Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund. If you have any questions, or to make donations via mail, please email And THANK YOU!