What lessons has Sally learned from being Fox News liberal? If community organizing made the President, what difference can it make in your life, your career and your world? In a noisy world, how can you find your voice and be heard?

Sally Kohn is one of the best known and most entertaining speakers in the nation today who can inform and engage audiences around the jumble of politics today and the bold solutions for the future. She is a young, gay, progressive columnist and television pundit who can go toe-to-toe in a debate or stand and deliver an inspiring tingle-in-your-toes speech. From non-profit conventions to political fundraising events to corporation associations, Sally is an inspiring and fresh voice who connects with audiences and leaves them cheering.


EMOTIONAL CORRECTNESS: Or What I Learned From Hugging Sean Hannity

Best known for being of the most prominent progressives on Fox News, Sally doesn’t just speak her mind. She actually gets people to listen. How? Because despite the ocean of partisan nastiness in which we’re all swimming, Sally finds the humanity in her opponents. Sally reveals the science behind her signature idea, “emotional correctness”, as well as customized tips for how to implement the idea in your audience’s context. Sally also weaves in funny and revealing stories from behind the scenes at Fox News, MSNBC and more.

ORGANIZING: The Key to Personal and Political Power

Understanding the basics of community organizing, from framing your demands to winning over opposition, is invaluable in life — whether you want to get a promotion at work or abolish slavery. Following on the heels of America’s first Organizer-in-Chief in the White House, the nation’s only on-air organizer reveals the tricks of the trade to help your audience use organizing to improve your life and the world around you. This customized speech looks at how community organizing strategies can be applied in your context, interwoven with inspiring stories of ordinary people using organizing to achieve extraordinary things.

YOUR VOICE: Making Yourself Heard in a Noisy World

In the blink of an eye, Sally transformed herself from having a regular, non-profit desk job into one of the most powerful and influential television pundits and writers in America today. At a time when everyone seems to be talking and no one is listening, how can you find your own voice and message — and get heard? In a speech that includes everything from behind-the-scenes TV anecdotes to vital tips on social media, customized for your audience’s issue or business, Sally inspires everyone to stand up and be heard.