What lessons has Sally learned from being Fox News liberal? If community organizing made the President, what difference can it make in your life, your career and your world? In a noisy world, how can you find your voice and be heard?

Sally Kohn is one of the best known and most entertaining speakers in the nation today who can inform and engage audiences around the jumble of politics today and the bold solutions for the future. She is a young, gay, progressive columnist and television pundit who can go toe-to-toe in a debate or stand and deliver an inspiring tingle-in-your-toes speech. From non-profit conventions to political fundraising events to corporation associations, Sally is an inspiring and fresh voice who connects with audiences and leaves them cheering.


EMOTIONAL CORRECTNESS: Or What I Learned From Hugging Sean Hannity

After spending two years as a progressive pundit on Fox News, Sally doesn’t just speak her mind. She actually gets people to listen. How? In this speech, Sally dives deeper into her hit TED Talk about the ways to connect with and persuade people who don’t agree with you. Sally weaves in funny and revealing stories from behind the scenes at Fox News, CNN and more — including, yes, the first time Sean Hannity hugged her.

LIVING A MEANINGFUL LIFE: How To Find and Live Your Passion

In this inspiring speech for people of all political persuasions, Sally talks about the deep value and joy that comes from waking up every single day thinking about how you can make the world a better place. Whatever your career, whatever your beliefs, wherever you live—you can help make your community, our country and our planet more just and equitable. Using moving stories from her own life as well as stirring examples of some of the challenges around us, Sally will inspire your audience to change the world around them—and feel more uplifted and powerful themselves.

YOUR VOICE: Making Yourself Heard in a Noisy World

In just a few years, Sally transformed herself from having a normal behind-the-scenes desk job into one of the most influential television pundits and writers in America. At a time when having your own voice and brand is both more possible and more essential for professional success and influence, Sally has the secret tips for making your voice and opinions stand out from the crowd. Filled with jokes about social media and bloopers from television, Sally will customize a speech for your audience that inspires everyone to speak up and be heard.


Marriage equality has swept the nation perhaps faster than any other social policy goal in recent history. In fact, there may soon be more states that have same-sex marriage laws than anti-discrimination laws that include sexual orientation and gender identity. Hopefully, eventually, states and the federal government will get their act together on that front, too. And then what? Are we done? Far from it! In this speech, Sally—who began her activist career in the gay rights movement—talks about the future of the gay agenda and makes some provocative points about what’s missing. A bold voice not afraid to say she’s not that into marriage and wants to upend heteronormativity, this is a speech that will make all audiences think hard about the past, present and future of social change.